Our Products

Our innovative products and services have been developed in partnership with travel industry leaders and our Corporate Customers. We continually solicit feedback from Corporations, Travel agents, Corporate Travelers, and Preferred Suppliers, resulting in a booking experience that is more seamless than ever before.

If you are interested in learning more or seeing any of our products in action, please contact our sales team info@groundspan.com for solutions tailored to your specific needs.

- Leading edge GDS and CBT booking tools
  • GDS - Our GDS product simplifies and automates manual offline ground travel service. Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, and Abacus – we work with them all. You tell us where you’d like to go, and we’ll provide a comparison of all the available modes of ground services for your journey (including their respective estimated costs!) with one click on one screen. It’s that simple.
    GroundSpan GroundSpan
  • Corporate Travel tool – In today’s market , corporations are encouraging online bookings to drive down travel costs. There are several leading tools that work with over 70% of the fortune 500 corporations to book air, rental and hotel through these portals. Guess what? GroundSpan, through its product offering, is now integrated with the leaders in the space. Ground bookings are automated no different than the other travel categories.
    Existing Profiles, logins, preferred vendors rates will all be leveraged through these leading portals. These bookings flow seamlessly into your supporting agency GDS for tracking and visibility that minimize service issue at the time maximize the customer experience. Any and all bookings made through the GroundSpan product will be captured , recorded and analyzed in the reporting suite GroundSpan offers.
  • Mobile - You’re constantly on the go – and you should be able to fully manage your ground reservations while you’re on the move without your computer. We’re here to help and don’t want to slow you down! By end of 2011 we’ll be launching a series of industry groundbreaking mobile tools and features that will make it easy for you to access our full ground network and manage your reservations from anywhere.
    GroundSpan GroundSpan
- Travel Management Tools

Travel is the second largest controllable expense for most organizations. Controlling this expense is critical to your organization’s success, and our engineering team has worked closely with travel industry leaders to develop a host of innovative travel management tools and features to give you control.

  • Ground Policy - Our Ground Policy tools allow your organization to apply rights to individual travelers, divisions, subsidiaries and/or locations. Full reporting around adherence to these policies is available – along with reporting tools for observing "visibility to spend", booking volumes, transactions by market and much more. For the first time, you have tools to manage this important data, helping you to identify and reduce employee expenditures.
  • True-Up - Working with our partners we introduced hourly rate True-Up, a feature that ensures accurate estimates for both hourly and “as directed” transfers. Leveraging Microsoft Bing Maps technology, we map your entire trip route in seconds (literally!) providing real trip duration data to our vendors for accurate hourly and “as directed” transfer rate estimates – saving you from unexpected charges.
  • Reporting/Measurement - Our reporting suite provides "visibility to spend" reporting, booking volumes, transactions by market and much more. For every reservation we record hundreds of data points – including everything from the passenger name to the longitude and latitude of the pickup location! That’s a lot of information, and our customized reporting suite delivers it in a simple, consolidated easy to digest and manage format.
  • Support - We’re committed to the swift resolution of any concern that you might experience while using our products and services. In Q4 2010 we will launch our new one-step support feature. No more cumbersome tickets and cases, just fast resolution so that you can get back to work!