Bridging the Gap Between Suppliers and Travelers

Expanding Ground Transportation Automation

For Corporations

Our team has decades of high-level experience in the ground transportation industry – and working with our partners and travel industry leaders, we have created innovative solutions for organizations to comprehensively manage ground for the first time, while also offering the flexibility and service that travelers expect.

Company benefits

  • Monitor, manage and reduce travel spend.
  • Enhance relationships with preferred vendors.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing more options, choices and flexibility when scheduling ground services.
  • Track, spend & simplify reimbursement.
  • Increase online booking utilization.
  • Easy implementation.

Travel Manager Benefits

  • Enhance travel program success with increased online adoption.
  • Increase program compliance with more visibility to preferred ground suppliers.
  • More easily monitor and manage supplier relationships and negotiated pricing.
  • Easy to use Travel policy tools to control, manage your companies spend across all modes of ground transportation.

Traveler Benefits

  • Ease of booking – no need to remember multiple vendor phone numbers or websites.
  • Utilize existing profiles. No need to maintain more than one.
  • Clarity of pricing.
  • More choices and more flexibility in booking limos, sedans, taxis and SUV.
  • One-stop shopping and access to reservations from anywhere in the world.
  • No cash needed; book ground transportation with a credit card.