Bridging the Gap Between Suppliers and Travelers

Expanding Ground Transportation Automation

Travel Distributors

Our partnerships with the leading travel distributors and booking systems has given us access and expertise that has been leveraged to create a system that offers a long overdue service, while creating an opportunity to generate revenue associated with capturing millions of new potential existing transactions.

Key benefits

  • Capture share of existing bookings that your customers are already paying for – Your customers are already booking these ground transportation options outside of your environment, now provide them with a service that doesn’t force them to leave you and book it on their own.
  • Automate existing bookings and pricing for any ground vendor – GroundSpan can take existing pricing and vendor relationships and simply automate it. Don’t worry about losing your special pricing or commissions, as GroundSpan offers such through its system.
  • Offer true end-to-end travel – Every travel distributor wants to offer the holy grail: true end to end travel. For the first time ever you can do so with GroundSpan.
  • Unique & varied content / all service types: Executive Sedan, Limousine, Taxi, Shuttle, and SUV – everyone offers hotel, air and car rental. Differentiate your value proposition by offering true end to end travel and help your customers easily book and manage airport transfers.
  • Commissions & Fees – on certain types of retail bookings earn commissions and fees.